Request for Accreditation Preparation

This template is designed to assist applicants to submit a Request for Accreditation for WFSF programme accreditation of Foresight Programmes (including other programme names such as futures studies / prospectif / prospectiva, futures foresight/ estudios de futuros / études futures, or other similarly termed programmes) (effective 1 March 2021, version 2.4).

The World Futures Studies Federation Programme Accreditation Council (WFSF PAC) considers both documentary evidence and experiential evidence to assess whether each criterion is met or not met.

When preparing documentation for review it is important to keep in mind:

  • readability – use clear, concise statements directly addressing each criterion including an explanation of how the evidence submitted demonstrates the criterion is met.
  • accessibility – use hyperlinks to key documents within the submission or information available on websites.
  • searchability – supporting evidence (for example, policies, procedures, timetables, reports, meeting minutes etc.) referenced in the text should be included in appendices and be easily found by using search tools, bookmarks or accurately referenced pages.


  • duplication – there is no need for duplication. When supporting evidence for a criterion is the same for different parts of the submission or programs delivered in all modes and at all campuses, indicate this in the response and cross reference all relevant documentation.
  • assumptions – do not assume the Assessment Team will have prior knowledge of the programs and information submitted for previous cycle assessment reviews. The submission is a point in time self-assessment and the aim of a cycle re-accreditation site visit is to gather evidence which helps determine if the programs meets all the Accreditation Standards at the time of the visit.

Applications (‘Request for Accreditation’) are submitted automatically at the end of this template online or a manually completed form can be submitted via email submission to Please ensure that file names do not exceed 128 characters.

Should you require more information or assistance please contact the WFSF PAC at

Application of criteria

The WFSF accreditation process consists of three phases – the Request for Accreditation Phase (meeting pre-conditions), the Application Assessment Phase (assessment of Programme Accreditation Submission and site visit) and The Accreditation Phase (assessment outcome).

The below table Illustrates the phases and the criteria for assessment

    Tertiary education institution contact details

    Officer(s) to contact concerning the submission

    Programme profile

    Executive summary

    Please provide a brief overview of the education programs seeking accreditation.
    Include any information to assist in understanding the context which these programs are operating including:
    • the Organisational Unit’s philosophy and vision for its programs
    • the history of the programme and their development
    • highlight any strengths and opportunities for further development of the programs
    • plans for any major changes during the accreditation period
    • any other issues or matters that you’d like to make the WFSF aware of.

    Response to the pre-conditions for eligibility to apply

    Precondition 1: Futures Studies

    The institution must demonstrate that the mission of the foresight educational programme(s) sufficiently falls within the philosophy, frameworks, and methodologies of futures studies as defined by the principles of the Federation, its pluralistic approach to futures studies, and the peer-reviewed journals in this field.

    Precondition 2: Credential Granting

    The institution must grant a tertiary educational award in foresight and / or futures studies (certificate, diploma, associate, baccalaureate, master's or doctoral level). If an institution offers awards in futures studies and / or foresight at more than one level, the accreditation process will review all levels simultaneously. Subsequent to accreditation by the Federation, if an institution initiates a programme at a new level the awards must be reviewed within three years of the initiation.

    Precondition 3: Governmental Approval

    The institution must be authorized to grant awards by a recognized governmental agency. The institution should demonstrate that anti-discrimination policies govern the admission of students and employment of staff.

    Precondition 4: Institutionally Accredited

    The institution must be accredited by a recognized institutional accrediting body. Subsequent to accreditation by the Federation, the institution must demonstrate continuing adherence to the standards of their institutional accrediting body.

    Note: If Governmental Approval (Pre-condition 3) is associated with Institutional Accreditation do not repeat the information above. Please provide evidence that the Institutional Accreditation is from a Governmental Agency.

    Precondition 5: Sufficient Term of Existence

    The programme(s) to be accredited must have been in existence for a sufficient period of time to make possible an evaluation of quality. The institution should be able to produce evidence of curriculum development and revision processes, of faculty development and evaluation, and of graduates and educational outcomes.

    Precondition 6: Administrative Unit

    The foresight programme(s) offered by the institution must be supported by an institutional administrative unit. The administrative unit must be sustained by a continuing budget. Subsequent to accreditation by the Federation, the institution must demonstrate continuing support for this administrative unit.

    Precondition 7: Mode and Location of Delivery

    If an institution offers programmes in futures studies (or similar) at multiple locations, or through distance education, including electronic media, all locations and / or all modalities will be reviewed in the accreditation process simultaneously. Subsequent to accreditation by the Federation, if an institution initiates a programme at a new location, or through a new modality, all programmes must be reviewed within three years of the initiation.

    Precondition 8: Institutional Membership

    The unit to be accredited must be an institutional member of the World Futures Studies Federation. The unit’s foresight programme(s) must be in compliance with the Federation’s institutional membership requirements as published by the Federation during the year of programme review, the year of the accreditation visit, and the year of accreditation. Subsequent to accreditation by the Federation, the unit must demonstrate continuing adherence to the standards of the Federation.

    Further Information

    Applicant Declaration and Attestation